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The rCode = Respect before Responsibility before Rights !!

TheCode is the most simple guide/decision process/moral compass  that I have been able to come up with as a K.I.S.S. principle to guide us through the present world of chaos. The easy way out is to settle for ignorance-is-bliss but this will not save us from ARMAGEDDON/ the apocalypse. Like every GUIDELINE  TheCode is a project under development and I would really appreciate constructive input from anyone who would care to give it to me. PLEASE Go to MEMBERS above and choose Registration and this will allow you to add comments to any of the pages/posts on this website. Registration is minimal and I only done in an attempt to stop scams and vitriolic diatribes from “the takers”.


There must always be choice in life and this is what makes the world as complex and confusing as it sometimes can be. The most complex part of The rCode is Responsibility because this provides the scope of our choices. What choices do we really have? Our choices are directly related to our LEVELS OF SURVIVAL (dynamics).  This is THE ONLY complex part of the Code.

Ayn Rand has a philosophy of OBJECTIVISM. This is extremely interesting to me and is very interesting when viewed with regards to RIGHTS. Ayn Rand was the author of two VERY controversial books during my younger years; The Fountainhead (1943) and Atlas Shrugged. Worth a read if you can get a a copy of either.


For the purpose of applying RESPONSIBILITY to TheCode the most logical and realistic dynamics that serve the purpose of TheCode (as of 30 March 2020 ) are:

  1.  Self (includes both the physical body and the spiritual being that drives the body)
  2. Family.
  3. Social Groups (which include Religious orientation).
  4. Country.
  5. Planet (which includes ALL life Forms on this Planet).
  6. Physical Universe.
  7. Spiritual Universe.
  8. Infinity.

Every decision (choice) that we make has some effect on one or more of the eight dynamics. L.Ron. Hubbard, the founder of Scientology, had a very good perspective on the 8 Dynamics. See  HERE.

For a more detailed description of Responsibility see HERE.

The most abused word in modern society is

RIGHTS:  Rights are GIVEN and cannot be TAKEN.

This word is most frequently used by “the takers”. These are the people who contribute the least to society but who expect the most from society. RIGHTS are irresponsibly “given” by the Do-Gooders without consideration about whether the receiver IS entitled or not!

For a more detailed discussion on RIGHTS go HERE.


Is the most important aspect of TheCode.  ALL of LIFE on this planet must have our RESPECT for us to be able to survive. The Planet exists because of a very delicate BALANCE of of all life forms and energies as they ebb and flow to maintain this BALANCE. I try to explain this concept in more detail HERE.

Respect has far more meaning than the word LOVE. Love is the driving force of many religions. I would like to believe ALL but my research has not yet convinced me that this is the case!

We MUST respect every other life force on this planet before all else. We do not need to agree or understand “the other point of view” as long as they (as people) RESPECT us (me) for what we are (I am) and do not force us to agree or follow their ideology. Our RESPECT for all other life forms must benefit there survival and, wherever possible, we should leave nature to maintain the balance.

More about RESPECT can be found HERE.

So we MUST apply The rCode to any decision we make ensuring the highest level of RESPONSIBILITY that we are capable of.

This video,

says what I am trying to achieve with far more skill than I will ever possess. Barack Obama describes the ideal for America which is as far from the world-of-trump as one can possibly get.

The only thing that exP45 is achieving at this time is more chaos and confusion. He tells so many lies that be does not even remember them all however;

Please help me unravel the solutions to our PROBLEMS.


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