TheCode – RRR – Respect before Responsibility before Rights ? I cannot make up my mind which will stick in everyone’s mind. Which one of these titles will be the easiest to remember? Have come to the conclusion that I will use TheCode as the repetitive title for this website:

TheCode = Respect before Responsibility before Rights !!

ARMAGEDDON as a problem does not have a solution. Certainly not for us as human beings on this planet. It is too big as an entity. However. So as to provide some HOPE, some light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel, some ability to look at this problem it must be broken down into some of the MAJOR BASIC ISSUES that can be identified as contributing to ARMAGEDDON. These MAJOR BASIC ISSUES then need to be broken down into more identifiable problems which in turn may need to be further broken down so that solutions can be found or that hopefully the effects of the problem can be ameliorated.

We must accept responsibility for our COUNTRY
Nambucca Heads

I am a retired pensioner, lucky enough to be living in a country which assists its senior citizens and provides them with a pension and medical aid. I frequently reflect on how lucky I am to be able to benefit from the  foresight of the forefathers of this country ( Australia ) and this situation is discussed more fully on the Rights Page.

This website is an my attempt to identify the ARMAGEDDON Problem Structure and break all problems down into smaller problems until these smaller problems can be resolved or ameliorated.  I am not egotistical enough to believe that I can solve all of these problems however, my career in the many industries in which I have contributed skills, leads me to believe that I have a unique ability to identify outside-the-box solutions to problems which, in the long run, lead to problem resolution.  Nothing can however be achieved on my own so I am hoping for input from as many people as possible to enable the problems to be clearly and completely understood so that answers can be found. If a problem is too complex to understand then it needs to be broken down into smaller problems that can be resolved one at a time. Very much like the comment by an ant who is believed to have said that the only way to eat an elephant was one very small bite at a time !!

One thing that is very certain however is that many of the solutions are not going to be popular or easy to apply because otherwise they would not have been a problem in the first place.

Your input, opinions, suggestions, criticisms and COMMENTS are essential for this effort to gain any momentum whatsoever. Yes I realise that this is just-another-Quora or similar but I do sincerely believe that if I have strength, patience and respect for all of YOUR input we should be able to achieve something.

So, to start the-ball-rolling, it is my intention to attempt to identify some of the basic problems in some sort of order of significance. Put each of these problems on its own Page on the website and then offer solutions to those problems that have reached the stage of being addressable.

The fundamental guide for SOLUTIONS has to be based on the ability to decide what is right and what is wrong. How do we decide what is right and what is wrong? Many years of research into Law, Religion and quite a few Cults of various sorts has resulted in the formulation of The Code.  Every Law, Religion or Cult ( and most Political Parties throughout the World ) start off with good intentions and some sound basic human rights and ideals. As soon as these groups gain a following the first law of survival (The survival of Self) kicks in and from there on many (all ?) develop their own variation on  fanaticism .

Probably the most important aspect of RRR is SIMPLICITY. The least possible number of words to convey the most complex situations or considerations will achieve the most consistent and objective solutions. KISS. Keep it simple stupid, as a concept, makes a lot of sense and considerably reduces potential misunderstandings.

After 20 years of thrashing this idea around  I decided that The Code that best met these requirements was RESPECT   before RESPONSIBILITY  before  RIGHTS . I have chosen Wikipedia and my point of reference for the usage of words that need to be clearly understood and hopefully not misinterpreted.  Wikipedia seems to me to be the most appropriate source of reference because they are closely aligned to current thinking, interpretation and understanding. I do not always totally agree with their definitions and facts and will deal with some of these as and when necessary.

How does this work?

The Code:  Each word is dealt with in detail on its own Page ( p1 through p3 ) and to more easily understand the concept it is best to read the detail sheets in reverse order being first RIGHTS  second  RESPONSIBILITY and lastly RESPECT.


RESPECT demands that each and every one of us respects the beliefs, viewpoints and considerations that all other LIFEFORMS  have.  We do not have to agree with them.  Just grant all other life forms the priviledge of having their own belief system. Grant beingness to their belief System.

RESPONSIBILITIES are the most complex set of considerations impacting on our existence. The detailed definition and discussion referenced above is too complex and defeats our commitment to KISS so for the purposes of TheCode this is addressed as The FIVE ZONES of RESPONSIBILITY being 1) Self  2) Family 3) Groups 4) Physical Universe 5) Spiritual Universe

RIGHTS are given not taken. Whenever rights are demanded they are usually demanded for the wrong reasons. No-one is entitled to any RIGHT if they do not undestand and embrace a level of RESPONSIBILTY which is necessary to deserve that RIGHT.

The Code is the basic building block,  the first part of the structure that can keep the rest of civilization on the-straight-and-narrow,  the guideline on which to base all of our rules, laws and decisions.  When the problems have been identified, are defined and understood then the application of The Code should be able to create a solution to the Problem.  If TheCode cannot guide us to a solution for the PROBLEM then the PROBLEM is the perceived problem and not the underlying cause of the PROBLEM.

This video,

Says what I am trying to achieve with far more skill than I will ever possess.

Please help me unravel the solutions to our PROBLEMS.



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