Black Lives Matter is INCITEFUL

Black Lives Matter is unfortunately used as a typical media driven polarization of a world-wide problem because all that it achieves is polarization of an issue which should not really exist. It is very loosely used and interpreted in much the same way as racism and sexism.

The only reason that racism and sexism has become an issue is because we choose to make them an issue. Each and every person has a perception of these two words and the only thing that matters is that each and every one of us has a slightly different perception, not only of these words as such, but also the effect or impression that they have on our EMOTIONS. We cannot, and in fact should not, suppress or invalidate our perceptions of these two words but WHAT WE MUST DO is ensure that we apply TheCode to any decision, action or statement that we make on these issues.

The words “Black Lives Matter” are used, in the media, as a typical meaningless campaign slogan that polarizes the issue and turns injustice into another opportunity for sensationalism.

The basic problem here is NOT “Black Lives” but ALL lives matter.

On the one hand we have the self-styled black people trying to DEMAND THEIR RIGHTS but they are doing so in a manner that tries to convince “the world” that they are only poor downtrodden people on the plant that are SO BADLY ill-treated and that they should therefore get “special treatment” which is then taken advantage of by MANY not ALL !!!  The actions taken by the DO-GOODERS, who are really only seeking self-aggrandizement,  as opposed to the true altruists who are in fact practitioners of TheCode in the true sense of its meaning.

On the other hand we (once again this is MANY and not ALL) are not practicing the code. We are not showing RESPECT. We are not taking RESPONSIBILITY for the fact there is more to the happiness and the survival of the PLANET that ourselves alone. And lastly but even more importantly is that we do not have any more RIGHTS that any other living organism on the planet. In fact we must learn to accept that we do not have any RIGHTS at all because RIGHTS are GIVEN and should never be demanded.  It is the demanding of RIGHTS, whether reasonable or not which is what precipitates most of the aggravation, disappointment, anger and antagonism on the planet.



The DoGooders Copout

A problem is identified.

Action must be taken.

The apparent, visible and superficial problem is addressed without research and without questioning the CAUSE OF THE PROBLEM.

Then opinion overrides research and understanding and an  “obvious” solution to the problem is identified and steps are taken to make the solution work. ALL THE SOLUTION WILL ACHIEVE IS TO POLARISE THE PROBLEM AND THUS AGGRAVATE THE PROBLEM.

Example of a Cop-out:

Teenagers in an area, call it TeenTown are wreaking havoc in ways that teenagers are prone to do. Many of these teenagers are Aboriginal so therefore “Poor Aboriginal teenagers are misbehaving because they do not have privileges and MONEY available to them that white/Caucasian/etc teenagers have” is identified as a problem. It is not their fault etc etc so “we” must do something about it.

Solution: We will set up a fund and a facility to cater for these teenagers so that they can have the same “opportunities” as “the rest” have. (All double quotes are intended to stress the polarisation aspects of this solution!).

This is cop-out where the DoGooder feels that they have achieved a great win for those Aboriginal teenagers because they have now been given the “opportunity” to join the privileged ranks of the white/Caucasian/etc .

  1. The situation is polarised and exacerbated by drawing attention to THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN Aboriginal teenagers AND white/Caucasian/etc teenagers. THERE SHOULD BE NO DIFFERENCE. ARE WE NOT ALL EQUAL?
  2. These Aboriginal teenagers do not even understand the meaning of “opportunity”. All they see/understand/accept is that the white/Caucasian/etc are giving then their due according to their rights as Aboriginal teenagers. (Excuse me? If “we” are all equal where do these rights suddenly come from? DoGooders is of course the answer.
  3. So if this solution is not the answer how can we deal with it NOW?
  4. Definitely not by polarising the situation and and providing the Aborinal teenage group with “confirmation” that it is OK for them to be jobless and not make any effort to become part of our Australian Culture. Why should I suddenly become a wellintentioned and contributing member of society when you continue to support and subsidise me for not being one? Because that is exactly what is happening and the problem continues to grow and get worse and no-one seems to understand why?

The true answer to the problem is ; Do away with the polarisation by shutting down the Dept. of Aboriginal Affairs (or whatever Dept. name it now hides under?), remove any reference to Aboriginal, Torres Islander or whatever from ANY AND EVERY FORM that exists in this country and remove any provision, legislation, law, statute or rule which exists which refers to any of these cultures. Place this as the number one project for THE TEN YEAR PLAN to be put in place for our government.

As long as these “distinctions” exist the Aboriginal people of Australia have ABSOLUTELY NO REASON TO INTEGRATE WITH FELLOW AUSTRALIANS. Why should they? If “daddy” pays you (pretty handsomely) to be different and just stay out of his way, why would any intelligent being make an effort to isolate their culture and set about becoming part of daddy’s culture (business/enterprise or whatever).