American Genocide because of GREED

It is July, 2020 and the world takes another step closer to ARMAGEDDON. The Medical press announced that Covid-19 causes brain damage and that steps need to be taken to address this issue.   The current situation is fueled by GREED which is the number one problem identified by RRR.

When trump started his “reign” in 2016 all his decisions took into his personal profit as his first priority. Anything that “needed” to be done required an element of profit for the companies that his family was managing on his behalf. Someone who may be more familiar with his true financial situation would, possibly, correct this statement to reflect that any/all actions were taken on the basis of ensuring that these companies survived rather than made a profit. Nevertheless the basic driving force is/was GREED.

The present driving force with ALL trump’s decisions and actions is GREED for power. I think that it is safe to say that he is so incompetent (deranged?) that everything that he does, at the moment, is doing more and more damage to his image and his likelihood of a second term of office. I have to agree that “no action” is the best course to follow at the moment A recent Quora quote was “Do not interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake”. Brilliant!

The trump is the most powerful man on the planet. Fortunately there are sufficient checks and balances in the American system to ensure that he is not quite as powerful as he believes he is! Some of the results of these GREED-driven activities by this apology of a man are :

  1. America has become one of the least respected nations in the world today. There are very few (if any? Maybe Mexico now?) leaders that would trust trump. And this means that the world is literally holding its breath to see if Joe Biden will be given the opportunity to sort out the appalling mess.
  2. China is flexing it’s muscles (eg. Hong Kong) in the vacuum which trump has created in “the world order”.
  3. Isreal is re-starting it’s unjustifiable annexation of Gaza in the belief that trump will support Isreal in their ongoing aggression. The fact that trump will not be allowed to do so (Even if he wanted to stick to his promises. Which would be very unusual!) has not yet penetrated the Isreali leader’s mind.
  4. The US has now suffered 127,452 deaths due to Covid-19. This is slightly more than the next THREE countries together. (Brazil – 57,103 UK – 43,514 AND Italy – 43,514). Note: Brazil’s (so-called) leader is a trump-wannabe and is taking his country down the same road.
  5. The US has tested positive 2.55 million Covid-19 cases which is slightly less than the next top FOUR countries together. (Brazil – 1.31m Russia – 0.63m India – 0.51m UK – 0.31m). Oh I am sorry. “We only have the highest number because we test more, MUCH MORE, than any other country” to quote trump. He is saying that if they did not test then they would not have so many cases! They would just magically dissappear!  Not that if they tested more they would have double the number of cases, maybe?
  6. The WHO is under huge financial difficulty in trying to maintain a sane, co-ordinated and scientific approach to the world-threatening Covid-19 because juvenile trump decided that they were favoring China rather than America. So, by withdrawing funds from the WHO he hands the WHO, as a world-power body, over to manipulation and management by China who will take the opportunity to fund anything which the WHO requires as long as it is to China’s advantage. In exactly the same way that America “managed” the WHO until trump lost control (and respect).
  7. The USA used to be the respected power of the west that all Western civilisations could rely on to maintain some semblance of order and balance and sanity in the world. No-one is able to get any sense out of trump with his ego-driven, America must profit at-all-costs diplomatic ignorance. The world is literally coming apart.
  8. Where does the UK get some support in trying to ensure some semblance of independence, freedom and pride for the people of Hong Kong. They are about to be “absorbed” into the 1.382 billion people that are controlled from Beijing.
  9. When one looks at the terrible social mess that is America to-day one has to agree with the “muslim terrorist” description of the USA and even feel some sympathy with their cause. This does not however condone their totally disgusting methods of trying to enforce their religion on the rest of the world. This problem is not primarily one of GREED but one of RELIGION and the folly of any religion which assumes that they are THE ONLY true religion for all mankind in total disregard of RRR.

There are probably another 100 problems of varying proportions that could be defined here but the ones listed above are, IMHO, some of the most significant ones which could all be resolved by TheCode.


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