Greed is Critical

This is the most critical and the most important PROBLEM to solve because it starts at the bottom of the RLC. (Response Level Chain).

The problem has to be addressed at every level of society but if it does not start with ourselves then it will be very difficult to achieve anything. The other PROBLEMS can be addressed separately and much can be achieved with solutions to those PROBLEMS but this is the tough one.

1. We need to assess our wants, needs and requirements realistically and based on TheCode. Make a decision based on RLC. a) Do I really need this or is it just something I desire to own. b) Does it harm higher RLC’s c) If it does can I do without it or if not is there something I can do to mitigate the harm or replace its loss to that RLC and d) Is there a better way to do this or is there another option.

2. We must all learn to limit our irresponsible desire for materialistic things. This is most difficult to evaluate but if we are buying “things” from profits that we have made at the cost of others, or even worse, by depriving others of essential needs for survival, it is time to realize that we are moving into the world of Negative RLC.

3. In turn, Governments are going to have to seriously consider environmental implications for EVERYTHING they do and every decision that they take. Once again THE PLANET before profits and the people before BigBusiness. This is an impossible challenge really because it goes against the grain of every Western civilization. I can only hope that Covid-19 has changed the way Governments think. The Australian Government has shown themselves to be very competent leaders by both parties getting together and addressing the problems with appropriate assistance from all the health expertise in the world. I take my hats off to them. The American dictatorship under TheDon, on the other hand, has made a right proper stuff up. They are way behind the rest of the world getting the virus under control (as of today 31 Mar 2020) although thankfully they are now catching up due to the efforts of those Governors who have not followed TheDon’s lead.

4. It is vital that companies consider the environment before profits. The American psyche of profit is good regardless of consequence or damage is going to have to change. If one looks at Wikipedia or an article from FEE that are so TheDon they are both scary. If one considers the effects of war on a country or the current Covid-19 economic crises then you would have to believe that these articles both need a serious re-write. The world has changed overnight to the realization that we are a global society, we will not survive on our own as any nation in the world (we MUST all get together and resolve our differences – nothing has ever been solved by war and nothing ever will be (use TheCode AND NOT greed OR historical rhetoric), we need to start looking after our planet (really soon). Corporations (Big-Business) chants the message that if it was not for them then no-one would have jobs and we would not have abc or xyz. Well the time has come for them to wake up to the fact that if we do not have a planet BIG-BUSINESS WILL ALSO CEASE TO EXIST.

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