Open Government

A description of  Open Government is well described in Wikipedia.

Essentially one of the most important aspects of EFFECTIVE Government is transparency.  Open Government defines how this can be achieved in an extremely detailed way.

Lack of transparency, misinformation, self interest, greed and party politics all contribute to the political chaos which has been placed in public view in the USA at this time. The one thing that is true about trump is that he “says-it-like-it-is” which does gain him supporters. A number of his so-called lies are in fact truths which are very uncomfortable to the White House and it is these exposures which provide justification for some of his supporters. The problem is that these “truths” are rather infrequent compared to his total disregard for facts in general in his efforts to convince himself that he is right/all knowledgeable/intelligent/empathetic and doing everything in the interests of America. His  diatribes , and the fact that people cheer him on, demonstrate an extremely ill-informed, selfish and irrational attitude which is sadly in need of a moral compass to guide their thinking processes. TheCode is a simple and powerful tool to achieve this.

All of this fake-news and fake-fake-news and propaganda is because all governments have these two huge barriers that have been created to justify lack of transparency; the first is national-security and the second is it-will-only-cause-???? (rioting, discomfort, pain etc etc) and it is therefore better not to release the information to the public.  Incorrect or unnecessary use of these two justifications should actually be criminal offenses in the same way that corruption is a criminal offense. Especially by people in responsible positions.



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