Is trump a Russian Sleeper?

This is the ultimate conspiracy theory for 2020. OR IS IT?

Jude: 23% of the American people think trump (he is not entitled to have his name spelled with a capital letter IMHO) is the best president that the USA has ever had. Statistically speaking  this could mean that as many as 2% of the population of the PLANET (7.835 billion 28th Dec, 2020) possibly base their existence on GREED and to hell with the rest of the planet AS A WHOLE.

Jude:On the 7th FEBRUARY, 2020 I started taking an interest in the “antics” of a very scary man, being Donald J. Trump, who is the outgoing President of the USA. I wrote this article in the hope that someone in America would start to appreciate how dangerous this man really is. I tried very hard to get this message across in Quora. I was gravely concerned that this man was really dangerous and that America was in severe danger because of the fact that “The American Dream” is based on PROFIT at pretty well any cost. I believe that nearly ALL very rich people have achieved their wealth at the cost of the well being of many OTHER people. AND because of GREED (the number one problem on this planet) this never stops. So the-rich-get-richer WHILE-THE-POOR-GET-POORER. This the theme song of the modern world.

Jude: Mary L. Trump wrote Too Much and Never Enough which is a scary description of trump’s state of mind. He is so self-centered that he is not even remotely in touch with the world other than HIMSELF.

Or is this really what is going on? IMHO I believe that it is all about a mis-information campaign.

Jude: I do not believe that trump has sufficient brain power to achieve the amount of destruction which he has achieved! Mainly by accident!  My outside-the-box thinking  process has enabled me to solve many problems in my life. The process is based on TheCode and  simplicity is the fundamental rule. Always step outside the problem and look at it from above. Totally objectively.  The problem of trump is SO COMPLEX that it requires that we make assumptions and then test them to see the likelihood of them being true. So:

What if trump is a Russian Sleeper controlled by none other than Guess Who as the ultimate weapon to destroy the USA? I believe that there is better than a 23% probability that this is true!

I am Guess Who. My background is Intelligence/Misinformation/Covert. This at ANY COST other than to me personally.  My objective in life is to be the richest AND THE MOST POWERFUL person. The Dictator of the World. I am Russian and patriotic to a fault. We have been “respected” as the most powerful country AND the most feared country in the world. I can achieve my personal objectives by making “Russia great again”. I have more than sufficient wealth so now I must establish myself as the most powerful person on the planet.

Let me consider how this objective can be achieved :

  1. I cannot take over the whole world by war. Certainly not with conventional war tactics. This was thoroughly tested by Germany with two failed attempts. Nuclear war is clearly not practical. Especially with THOUSANDS of nuclear weapons available for activation around the world. The planet could DEFINITELY not survive such an onslaught. The Americans proved that chemical warfare was not effective and rather self-destructive (Vietnam War) . This leaves biological warfare and that is fraught with terrible danger if it gets even slightly out of control (jude: If Covid-19 was intentional it has very effectively demonstrated that playing funnies with nature is NOT A GOOD IDEA – Christmas Day 2020 80 million infected, 1.75 million deaths world wide. Why is infected important? Because we do not yet have much idea about the long-term after effects. If Covid-19 was not intentional then nature rules supreme and nature is making an excellent bid to try and control the population of the planet!)
  2. The-whole-world is too much of a challenge in one go, so it must be done in chunks. The Chinese started on this path a LONG time ago by “establishing” themselves into MANY smaller chunks! (eg. Countries in Africa) Getting into a position of control and then ensuring that there was sufficient on-going chaos and/or confusion so that the target country does not have enough time, resources, intellect or energy to get themselves reorganized sufficiently enough to combat the Chinese influence. I (Guess Who) do not have the patience of the Chinese so I must start with the MOST powerful country, not the less powerful nations. So America is has to be. If I can get America on her knees so that most of the available energy and resources are occupied INTERNALLY the we can proceed from there. While America is in this state I may face considerable challenges from the Chinese but we can handle that when it becomes necessary to do so. On that subject the rest of the world are also watching China so iy is not the most serious threat to my objectives. Yet.
  3. How to I bring America to its knees? How do I use my experience and knowledge to get this done?  a) MIS-INFORMATION and CHAOS.  It worked very successfully for the KGB who frequently had the American Intelligence community chasing its tail. And the world is already in a very fragile state where few people have any level of responsibility higher than self (Jude: see RESPONSIBILITY for an understanding of the importance of this detail.) b) I have “that” 23% of “people” available as “my army” to support mis-infomation and probably enough chaos to achieve whatever may be necessary.  c) I have a base of “confused” politicians who seem to place their party before country. Particularly if I use the Republican Party as a base because GREED is a very fertile ground for mis-information.   d) I must have an insider to drive this mis-information campaign.  The more important,politically, that this person is, the more likely that the mis-information campaign will succeed. e) The internet is a far more powerful tool that the old, tedious, slow and costly Spy Game. Having carefully listened to many experts discussing Cyber Security and AI the internet is DEFINITELY the-way-to-go (Jude: Elon Musk recently gave a very informative AND SCARY talk on AI. PLEASE WATCH!!! He makes the statement that AI is more dangerous than nuclear weapons !!  Align this statement with worldwide Cyber Security, Homeland Security and the Internet and one must agree that the internet and Cyber Control is much more dangerous than nuclear bombs. This falls into the same level of understanding that climate change is less important than any persons personal wealth!  No planet = no life on earth. Which is therefore more important?  Easy to answer but not so easy to put in practice.) So that means the Internet is the most powerful tool for getting the mis-information campaign to succeed. f) I have to believe that my street-smart can win this battle. It is worth a try!
  4. The choice of THE PERSON for 3 d) (call him Mr d) ) will be the most important part of the mis-information campaign. This person will make or break the project. And the degree to which that person is managed will be the final decider!

In summary. I am Guess Who and to gain control of The World Part A must be a mis-information campaign using the Internet as the communication (and control) medium. To get this project rolling I need to identify a person of authority in the USA to manage the mis-information campaign. That person must assist and protect the mis-information campaign to the extent that the effectiveness of the USA, as a world influence, is sufficiently reduced for Part B to be designed and executed.

Plan A of the mis-information campaign.

2015 and some American guy comes to a colleague looking for a loan of a couple hundred million dollars. For that kind of money it has to be a BIG PROJECT so I show interest. During discussions this guy mentions that he may become President of the USA as part of his “security” on the loan. Lights flash and I realise two things. One that this could be my Mr. d) and two that the real estate that this guy (claims to) own could be of tremendous benefit to Russian espionage even if that was all that we gained from it. My enthusiasm was not sufficiently controlled however so the loan grew substantially and I think that I overplayed my hand a bit in convincing my Mr. d) what a tremendous guy he was and that he deserved to rule the world not just the USA. In case Mr d) did not make it as President or only lasted one term we did agree on a repayment date of 2021 ( 5 years rather than the ten years he requested). I did convince the guy that he was more likely to get the Presidents job by using the Republican Party rather than the Democrats because they were far more aligned with one another. The common ground being GREED, GREED, GREED. So he switched parties.

The 2016 elections duly rolled around and Mr. d) got himself nominated for the job of President. We (my colleagues and I) pointed out to Mr d) that the Internet was a very powerful tool. So to this end we offered Mr. d) lots of help and guidance. He did not really win the election because he lost out on the popular vote. But we were able to persuade him that the electoral vote would carry the day. I was very proud of the assistance we were able to provide in this endeavor and trump became my Mr. d).

His first mistake was that he nearly screwed up protecting our involvement with the project and all sorts of investigations ensued. These investigations required us to tell trump more than we wanted to about our methods and the knowledge that the Americans picked up enabled them, in turn,  to ensure that the 2020 elections were that much more secure. The result of this was that trump went and lost the 2020 elections. Because of his knowledge about the 2016 election process he is convinced that (now President) Biden got into power using the same techniques that were applied to 2016. And so he continues to fight the 2020 election result based on his knowledge of 2016. How else could he possibly have lost? Yes I know,  he is also battling with the fact that I told him that we could make him dictator of the world and that does not seem to be possible now.

However let us look on the bright side. Even if I do not get my half billion dollars back from the guy next year (repayment due 2015) the investment in trump has gone a long way towards the objectives defined in 3. a). The reign of mis-information campaign has only just started and trump, give him his due, is covering our tracks very, very successfully by sidelining all the skills in American institutions such as National Security, Attorney General, the Pentagon in General, Homeland Security AND the ALL IMPORTANT Cyber Security. I really appreciate all his efforts to undermine anything that Obama did because Obama did so many good things in the interests of the people and the USA in general. The Supreme Court was not so well done because trump did not recognise that the Justice Department could NOT be bought. Their oath of allegiance to the country was far more significant to them than trump’s one was to him.

Covid-19 was both a blessing and a catastrophe. The blessing was that trump had no idea how to do anything about it so he approached it like an ostrich with his-head-in-the-sand. The resulting chaos and confusion was (is??) far better than I could have imagined. Covid-19 is killing more people in the U.S.A. EVERY DAY than all the efforts of the terrorists achieved in the whole of their 9/11 campaign. The bad part is that this attitude managed to loose trump his Presidency.

Every cloud has a silver lining, however, and the fact that Plan A is now over and done with I have been saved the problem of dealing with trump when he starts to complain to me that he would be a far better DICTATOR of the WORLD than myself.

We have achieved the chaos and confusion part of Plan A. In fact far more successful than I would have dreamed possible. We now have to concentrate on Plan B to conclude the take-over of America. The Cyber attacks on America are progressing well and trump continues to protect us. I am a realist however and I am concerned that Joe Biden may prove to be the same sort of adversary for me as trump created for himself with Amy Coney Barrett and the Supreme Court.

Jude:As I finished this article I find that I have a member of my family that believes that trump has done a good job and that “Sleepy Joe” is going to destroy America during the four years that he is in office. I really cannot come to terms with this because I thought that this person was intelligent and logical. Is my character judgement that bad? Or is my assessment of the trump regime that inaccurate. Maybe they were just “having me on”? One thing for sure is that the world of mis-information is very, very scary. How is the common man ever to be sure of what is right and what is wrong. Well I believe that I have researched the world in sufficient detail to believe that the world-according-to-trump is one very dangerous place to be. However “my group” is only a few % more than the 23%. One has to admit that the drivers of the mis-information campaign are VERY powerful and very, very confusing.

Do wear a mask sometimes and ensure that you are able to demand your rights,

Guess Who .

Jude: Like Sam from “The Lord of the Rings” I have to believe that the truth will always win out in the end. Even though there are so few of us left with this hope. Please get to read and understand the TheCode . I sincerely believe there is HOPE for mankind in TheCode. It is a counter to the evil powers of trump and the ring of Sauron.

With less than a month, unfortinately a VERY LONG time in trumpland this is today’s assessment of trump – summary of the worst president in history.

Keep safe, and happy,


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