Letter to Kamala Harris Oct 2024

Letter to White House, USA

Atn: Kamala Harris

What Biden should have been guided to say at his campaigns.

1. I have too many  current concerns about world affairs and internal threats, like those of ex President 45, that threaten the American Democracy  to remember the statisticts of my achievements for ALL of the American people. It is far more important to get them done unlike my opponent who is only concerned with matters that affect his personal and amoral ego.

2.  My opponent has created an Alternate Reality, a different world, where he can do no wrong. This world that this con-man has created has misled many of my fellow Americans into believing the lies and misinformation that he continues to repeat. Over and over again. The primary lie being “I have done no wrong”. How many times has he repeated this phrase? The Jan 6th attempted coup was thwarted by true patriots of this country. The police and military who manage to underpin our fragile but wonderful and successful democracy which enables me to guide and assist the rest of the world through strife and misfortune. It is also very important to note that ex President 45 does not deny his role in planning and executing the Jan 6th insurrection. He always misdirects the question.  What he is doing is delaying his conviction of treason against the USA so that he can gain the Presidency and using the power of the office I hold at this time to pardon himself from all of his crimes and declare that as President he can do anything that suits his personal ambitions. 

3. Under cover of the 2nd Amendment my opponent makes many vitriolic statements which seem to be true in his different world but remember that Fox News was caught up in his lies at the cost of three quarters of a billion dollars in fines by our DOJ. It is our DOJ. Not my DOJ. Another target of this wanna-be dictator is to tear apart the DOJ as much as he is able to do.

4.  The  ex President 45 has also repeatedly stated that he will be a dictator ON day one. The really scary truth is that he means FROM day one. It is his intention to start his dictatorship by removing all our competent and American loving staff members and replace them with Trump-loving substitutes which will do his bidding without question or concern for the people of America.

5. The successful multi-billion business man which gained my opponent the Presidency in 2016 has been shown to be a myth by his conviction on 34 counts of fraud whereby he misrepresented his assets to the extent that he was able to steal from the people, of New York in particular, huge sums of money to boost his appearance of wealth. No businessman can claim to be successful when they have been granted so many bankruptcies. Bankruptcies which,take note, always cost many American money. The small man, whom I continue to try to protect, suffers for the gain of the rich. Sadly and unfortunately these poorer people are often led by the misinformation provided by ex President 45 to continue funding his con-man, Different World.

6. I may well be old and doddery but what I do is listen to and rely on the talented and experienced advice and guidance provided to me by my staff who are guided by our wonderful Constitution to do the right thing by the American people. True Americans like General Milley who has had the difficult task of guiding  ex President 45 away from disastrous wars which he wanted to engage. My opponent on the other hand will ensure that he makes all these decisions himself, as a dictator, and all his staff will be trained to nod there heads and agree. He has already said that he will withdraw funding for the war in Ukraine and let Putin get on with whatever it is that he wants to do. The results of this one action alone would result in America becoming an outcast from the rest of the Western world on which we depend for the very existence of our successful economy and millions of jobs in America.

7. Please ignore the arrogant statement that  ex President 45 will make America great again, MAGA. America is and has been the leading nation defending the desires of Western Democracies and using our wealth to best try to establish peace throughout the world because of our very strong economy. My opponent wishes to tear that all apart so that he can personally gain wealth by creating an isolated America. The same model that Putin has used to create his Russia. Is this the way you wish to steer the wonderful country of America?

These statements are based my concern for America as a country. I have been watching American Politics ever since exP45 managed to bulldoze his way into power in 2016. My moral compass/ guide / creed is described the best way that I am able to do on my webasite which was started in September 2019 being www.rrrhelp.com.

I sincerely hope that my contribution will prove useful. I really do believe that RRR is a more logical and functional moral guideline than the 10 Commandments which one of the American governors is trying to impose on schools. RRR would serve as a much stronger guide to DIGNITY and tolerance world-wide and definitely a powerful tool for use by your Supreme Courts.


Keep safe, Ian Mitchell — 61 (0)414877990
RRR (Respect before Responsibility before Rights)
Brisbane, Australia