Pro Covid19 No 2

Covid19 has one objective and one objective only:

To find a HOST and get that host to find other hosts which in turn…….

All to ensure the survival of Covid19. It is doing this in an extremely hostile environment because humans as well as other viruses are trying to ensure that they remain the-top-dog and do not get overcome. Joan Baez says it

very beautifully, but for a different reason.

Covid19 has no boundaries, no preference and no bias it is therefore totally objective and totally unconcerned with guilt or conscience.

Covid19, using trump as the medium, has shown us that the US political structure is a complete disaster. There has been no holds barred as trump uses the system to further his own ends. Belief in his own superiority and his own total knowlegde and business skills he is achieving everything he wants. He probably believes that he should be running the whole world and that is probably his goal. Being the first dictator of the USA is acceptable. As the first step it is OK although it is proving very difficult. In his search for the truth (trump’s truth,  take note) he is being completely honest to his own beliefs and his own agenda. Unfortunately Covid19 has come along and trump’s White House did not require any scientific expertise which has left him with a TOTALLY confusing problem. And it will not go away. He only understands that you make problems go away by blaming them on someone else. And Covid19 is not paying any attention at all. In fact Covid19 is holding its own (Jun 10 : 112,921 deaths – more than the 3 next countries TOGETHER – with 935 in THE LAST DAY which is more than the day before). And Covid19 will be doing even better as trump can now distract from his failure to control Covid19 by trying to CONTROL (with violence and insurrection) the black movement for equality.

Down with American Politics :

OK so this is the situation in the USA and we all feel really sorry for them as they stew in their own juice. BUT it also forces us to admit that the American way of life (and their politics) leaves a lot to be desired.

China on the other hand has very strong leadership. No political infighting and no trump whose only interest is profit. Profit being more important, even,  than taking over the world or even looking after the American population. China on the other hand has two major objectives. Firstly to control AND LOOK AFTER its people (because they do realise that without people they do not exist – once again rather unlike trump). Secondly to take control of the world because they know the best way to look after their people. They have shown excellent control over the people to defend the people from Covid19 (June 10: 4,634 deaths 0 (yes ZERO) deaths today or yesterday)  China in fact has now become strong enough to start considering the planet as being pretty important in the whole deal.

China has Covid-19 conquered?

Well it sure looks like it. So where would you rather be? Particularly if you had a family including kids, parents and grandparents?

Bear with me while I try to be as simplistic as possible.

  1. China’s political process is far better for the people than that of the USA
  2. China IS going to be a much stronger influence in the world as a result of Covid-19 and what Covid-19 has done to the world.
  3. US economy has gone seriously downhill. In fact all economies (NB. BASED ON THE US METHOD OF VALUEING AN ECONOMY !!) have declined throughout the world.
  4. China’s economy is only slightly affected. (NB. BASED ON THE US METHOD OF VALUEING AN ECONOMY !!)

I am an Australian.  Australia has pretty much the same political modus operandi as the US so we need to take careful notice of the exposure of the American political scenario. Very fortunately we have a strong Prime Minister so step one was to get all parties together and manage the Covid-19 on a non-partisan basis. This has worked pretty well. (June 10: 103 deaths total) but a lot of damage has been done to the economy (NB. BASED ON THE US METHOD OF VALUEING AN ECONOMY !!)

The petty bickering and childish inter-party sniping has however resumed and strengthens the case for Australia to do some serious self-analysis to decide how we can get away from the American political disaster. Because we have the same profit-based (fueled by GREED) culture that is proving to be America’s downfall.

WE MUST CHANGE our Political environment.

The above discussion shows that to continue with our Americanisms WILL take us down the same path to disaster.

Am I saying we must go the same was as China. Become a Communist state? No the discussion above is to show the two extremes and show how unrealistic American business practices are and how dangerous it is to have two Political Parties that believe that they should be in CONFLICT ( not opposition !! ) with one another.

Because Covid19 has spotlighted the cause of the Decline of American in pretty well anarchy at this time.

The (NB. BASED ON THE US METHOD OF VALUEING AN ECONOMY !!) was intentional and is the subject of another Problem that needs resolution sooner rather than later.


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