Why do I discuss trump so frequently?

American Law has failed the USA very obviously and extremely sadly because trump IS in the White House. If the American Law was not totally stuffed (as is the Law in Australia – whereby ANY legal objective can be achieved with enough legal power if it can be afforded) then trump would be in jail. Certainly not able to stand for election as President.

So the question only needs to be slightly adjusted to say: Can trump defeat the American Constitution as easily as he has defeated the American Justice System (usually referred to as TheLaw)? Considering the total lack of responsibility displayed by the Republican Party  by saving trump from impeachment, I must say that trump’s chances of making himself Dictator of American are JUST AS GOOD as his chances of another term as President. GREED and PROFIT 1s the sole political objective of the Republican Party it would seem. With over 100,000 deaths by Covid-19 and the recent race riots in the USA they certainly do not care for the peasants = those who do not vote for the Republican Party.  The Second American Civil War is heating up!

He says that he does not read. However, as that is probably just another lie, I would suggest that any reading he does includes Mein Kampf, all Hitlers political speeches and every word uttered by Putin. He is certainly re-enacting their roles in the world.

Having spent some months of my life working in America I must say that I feel very, very sad watching them destroy themselves under trumps “rule”. Since they were the leaders of the western world I wonder where we all go from here?? While trump is destroying America in his efforts to take control China and Russia are very busy expanding there influence!! And the present-day America are so self-centered that THEY are letting it all happen.

Edit (16 October, 2020): As the 2020 American elections draw to a close from Ian Stephens of The Lucretia Report.

The American Election was rigged.

To quote Maurice Chevalier : I am really glad that I am not young any more !!!


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