Politicians and 10 year plan

Items to be addressed with regard to the attitude, responsibility and conduct of Politicians :

1. First and foremost it is essential that we get ALL GOVERNMENTS and all parties within those governments to stop the childlike inhouse fights at a party (and frequently personal level). To achieve this a TEN YEAR PLAN must be structured, proposed and put into Law. This plan will focus on the best objectives for the betterment of the country and consequently the people.

All voting relating to this plan must be done on a non-partisan basis.

2. The population must take responsibility for electing the BEST GOVERNMENT to be able to achieve the objectives defined in the TEN YEAR PLAN. Not one which promises SOME of the people a hand-out or saving in cost. These vote-gathering measures must become a thing of the past. The responsibility of the Government is to RUN THE COUNTRY for the best outcome for ALL THE PEOPLE in the country. No-one will ever be completely happy with what they are getting. Particularly if we are all driven by GREED.

3. Any increase in remuneration for current MPs at all levels can only take effect, once accepted and approved, after the next election. If the current MPs believe that they NEED, not want or deserve (which is a variation on demanding or expecting their RIGHTS), then they should include that on the agenda for the next government. If the current MPs are not going to get the increase one would hope that some of them would seriously consider whether the action is appropriate in the light of other financial priorities. This should apply to ALL public office bearers that are voted into power. Eg. Councils.

4. Politicians will be made accountable for their promises and consequently their actions by ensuring a) That they include at least two proposals which they will follow-up on the TEN YEAR PLAN during their term of office and b) A specially formed Internal Assessment Office will consider whether that candidate has made on effort to follow-up on his promises and how much success he has had therewith. If they get a less than 50% evaluation then their political pension will be reduced accordingly. This assessment goes for every MP and if an MP leaves or is thrown out of office his/her pension is adjusted accordingly.

5. Every Politician should be required to undergo a Police Check and a Psychological Test to ensure that they are fit for office. These are the people that we are trusting to run OUR country. This is actually very high on the RLC and if they are not capable of taking responsibility for themselves and their families then they are not fit to run the country. TheDon is the ultimate example of someone who has been able to remove any respect that someone may have had for a whole country (the USA) never mind for a single politician.

6. THE TEN YEAR PLAN will include a case for introduction of a Multiple Vote System. This too could resolve the issue of some of the Party Politics and those voters who do not take any serious issues into account other than:   what do I get out of it? and we have voted xyz party for the last… years. As stated above it is very important that the attitude to voting changes. We must vote for the person (probably rather than the party as in Scotland at some time I believe) that we believe will do the best job FOR THE COUNTRY. After all if our country goes to the dogs so do we.


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