Welcome to Respect before Responsibility before Rights ( RRR ).

We have structured RRR so that it can be used as an Open Forum for discussion and hopefully continued solutions to the PROBLEMS identified. Comments can be added to any Page or any Post by any person who logs into Posts can only be created by Members (Subscribers) of this group. Pages can only be created by Members who have been promoted to the level of Editors.

The only reason that we have created the Membership level is so that the content of the website can be kept meaningful and constructive in terms of TheCode.

We sincerely thank you for joining our group and look forward to having input to this forum from every possible walk-of-life, across ALL countries, religions, colours, creeds and sexual orientation.  You are most welcome as long as you accept that we are totally committed to TheCode.


If you are not Registered. Please complete this form, which we have kept to the absolute minimum and which we will respect in absolute privacy, to the best of our ability. However please do not join my group if you do not wish to contribute to my objectives. I will send an eMail to each new member to welcome them. If that email is not-sent ( as returned by the eMail system ) then I will remove the registration.

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