Thank you for your interest in  TheCode – Respect before Responsibility before Rights (RRR) However:

This site (rrhelp.com) no longer caters for Registration or adding comments. It now serves as a Message Board or Reference Site for RRR only. I have decided that there is far too much spam and “Russian activity” on any site that is totally open to “the Public” and this site was taking far to much effort in maintenance for very little contribution to my objectives for the site.

What are my objectives?

I have decided that RRR deserves the creation of a book that can concisely explain what RRR is trying to achieve. I also believe that my beliefs and objectives alone cannot achieve sufficient attention or  the widespread distribution that it deserves. The massive communication content that is available on TheWeb reduces RRR to total insignificance. However I am convinced that the concept of RRR can achieve a lot of good in this world if it is embraced as a moral compass by any person, religion, creed, country or group.

To facilitate the creation of  my book “TheCode – A Moral Compass for DIGNITY” I am developing software specifically for the purpose of creating a Book on TheWeb. (the internet). This software is called rBook and is on-line HERE.

“TheCode” will explain the origination of Respect before Responsibility before Rights, its purpose and what can be achieved by applying this code, philosophy, attitude, guide or whatever term best suits your application of TheCode.

The purpose of rBook.

rBook will be a software which can be installed on any website and is intended for authors (or potential authors) to write a BOOK with the aid of any person (anywhere in the world) who wishes to contribute PAGES to the existing Chapters of the BOOK.

The primary author is the Administrator of the Site (AdMin).  Authors are people who find the subject matter of the BOOK to be interesting and wish to contribute PAGES to the Chapters that have been created by AdMin.

AdMin will approve any person who registers on the site. This will make them Authors. AdMin and the Authors can communicate by email so Authors can suggest the creation of Chapters. Any Pages will be vetted by AdMin before they are “added” to the BOOK. The purpose of external input is to ensure that differences of opinion (or alternate solutions to problems?)  can be included in the BOOK. AdMin will have the ability to prevent off-topic rants and/or unnecessary personal attacks by editing PAGES (probably by email exchange with the Author) before they are approved and become available as part of the BOOK.  All contributions can be evaluated in terms of TheCode. As the site develops AdMin will have the ability to include other BOOKs on the site and “promote” Authors to be Editors who will have the ability to manage (be AdMin for) any specific BOOK or BOOKs .

Thus the BOOK is available for reading by anyone while it is being compiled (unless it is locked).

Please join me on my rBook site which should be on-line no later than October 2021.

Thank you, Jude.