American Decadence

August 26, 2020 with the RNC Convention in full swing the opening paragraph of this “promotion” is :

The Trump Administration has led us through great challenges and now is ushering in the Great American Comeback. Our country needs President Trump’s leadership for four more years, and the road back to the White House starts with the 2020 Republican National Convention.  

This terrible introductory LIE which is being fed to trump supporters (which at this time seem to be about ONE THIRD of the American population) is a very strong warning about how important the vote of each and every American has become in this election. Take heed of the words of the song by Chris de Burg – Dont Pay the Ferryman. This song clearly spells out a warning that no-one should EVER pay the Ferryman before he gets you to the other side. The trump promises you the other side from one sentence to the next. He is quoted as having lied 20,000 times that can be identified at this time. Every time he “promotes” a claim to some success that success is happening shortly. The standard rule of thumb for trump is the next 14 days. Quote:  Yes, all the great people that I have spoken to (ghosts in his bedroom?) tell me that blah, blah blah. And that is ANOTHER LIE because it is presented to the world as another success.

If trump has already lead America through the great challenges why would there be any need to have a “comeback”.  We have just been led through the great challenges so there should only be a great future ahead. So the lie is clearly defined in the very first sentence. Do not waste your time or subject yourself to further brain washing untruths by following the RNC any further!

What is the biggest crime that trump has committed?

The DNC Convention has stressed the fact that trump has definitely, positively, unequivocally CONTRIBUTED to the death of 180,000+ American Citizens. The number grows at the rate of 500 per day as of today – date above) with NO DEFINITE ENDING IN SIGHT. The trump has CONTRIBUTED to this death toll! And there are (apparently) still ONE THIRD of the American population that are prepared to ignore this fact and support trump in his ambition to be the Commander in Cheat by voting for him.

Ah. But there is more! The trump promotion campaign (The RNC Covention) not only finds the death of 180,000+ Americans to be “acceptable” they CHOOSE TO TOTALLY IGNORE the unknown number of deaths that the American people (Oh! Sorry. That is trump’s doing NOT the American people?) have caused, and continue to cause, around THE WORLD by withholding the funds desperately needed by the WHO to guide THE WORLD through the Covid-19 pandemic. The loss of US$500,000,000 is a considerable disadvantage to dump on an organization whose charter is to safeguard the health of THE WORLD (which, strangely enough, includes the USA).   To my mind this is the biggest crime that trump has committed.

Dear American Citizen, by casting your vote in favour of trump in this 2020 election your are rewarding him for DESTROYING the American way of life AND the effectiveness of the WHO and TheRest!

What is TheRest?  The litany of crimes, lies and misinformation being spewed by the RNC and trump’s followers is never ending and the RNC is a perfect example of modern “marketing” and “bad PR” and the fact that if it is repeated often and LOUNDLY enough it will become acceptable.

This is the one truth about trump and the only thing that he has been successful with is destroying the American Image in the eyes of the rest of the world. The trump’s term of office is also an excellent promotional tool for Islamic terrorists. By setting up the current state of America as an example of capitalist decadence they have an excellent justification for the destruction of “the fascist regime” or whatever it is that the terrorists against America are “fighting”.

At this time America is an example of a completely failed democracy. Sorry guy’s but in his usual inept and convoluted way trump admits that America is in a terrible “place” at this time. The trump does not actually acknowledge that because he has this amazing ability to TWIST defense into attack. He cannot defend his non-existent leadership in the Covid-19 crises so what he does is that he accuses Obama administration of being the cause of “all of the troubles currently raging in the USA” or he says that “if you vote for Biden then you will be allowing Biden to create all the problems and strife” which is actually happening right now, at this time. Visibly and painfully. All over America! And this is  ON trump’s WATCH.  He IS the current president. What happened to “the buck stops here”.  Barrack Obama (a true President) clearly stated in his DNC speech that trump has just not “grown into the job”.

Unfortunately trump is so busy fighting and cheating his way to win his next term of office as the most powerful political position on the planet that he desires, that he is totally unaware of the responsibility that he has right here, right now.

The trump seems to be totally unaware of the responsibility he has as The President of the USA. !!!!!

AND trump’s misled, misinformed and ignorant (of any of the truths and or facts of life!!) followers are heading blindly (like lemmings) to the cliff of disaster by voting trump into another 4 years of his “Destroy America Campaign” as he continues to try to persuade THE WORLD what a gifted, genius he is even though all he has demonstrated so far is TOTAL AND UTTER FAILURE.

trump is America’s Satan.

Germany had Hitler. Russia had Stalin and now has Putin. South Africa had Zuma. Zimbabwe had Mugabe.  America has trump.  These “leaders” have a lot in common. The most important characteristics are a) Self promotion – narcissistic. b) Accumulation of wealth. c) Total disregard and lack of respect for the countries which they were supposed to represent.  In terms of ratings against TheCode ( RRR  – Respect before Responsibility before Rights ) all of these people rate in the high negative values.

The bottom line and the absolutely scary truth of the matter is the question to ALL Americans :  Who are you going to vote for in the 2020 Elections?

If you vote for trump you are voting for a further decline in the America as we know it NOW and you will be voting in favour of a move closer to the edge of the cliff which is Armageddon / The Apocalypse for THE WORLD!