Why do I discuss trump so frequently?

Whether we like it or not the Americans lead (or used to lead ? ) the Western World.


IMHO The days of the American domination in the Western World has been completely shattered by the shocking example set by The Don as America is being torn apart by the COVID-19 pandemic. See Don Trump to explain how utterly disgusting his behavior has been during this crisis which faces the whole world.

The 9/11 attacks in 2001 were almost certainly an issue which was discussed in the White house.   This analysis on Wikipedia discusses the issue.  Twenty-twenty hindsight is an unfortunate fact of life but it really should convince us that if we lived by The Code and seriously RESPECTED everyone’s point of view these catastrophes could be avoided.

Bill Gates warned the World about the coronavirus in 2015 . His Talk was a clear indicator that the world needed to do something about this MOST URGENTLY.  The address was in Boston. I find it shameful that the White House is so out of touch with the world that they do not heed the smartest people they have. Surely Bill Gates is one of THEM. He has accumulated great wealth which is supposed to create the idols of American Society. Or is it just a competition to them.

IMHO America is NOT a democracy. In a true democracy it should not be possible for someone to buy the presidency. And Government officials, at all levels, must place the interests of the country before those of the party or themselves.

My conclusion;  If the majority of American citizens ( voters! ) are so blind, morally corrupt and materialistic as to vote The Don back into power as the most senior representative of the USA, then they should move the American Administration out of the White House and into Trump Towers, rename the USA to be TrumpLand and vacate the White House as a sign of respect for the previous Presidents of the USA who were real leaders.

I am sure that there will be many more Posts and comments on this issue,

Let The Code – RESPECT before RESPONSIBILITY before RIGHTS – rule !


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