Effect of Covid 19 and Economics

Problem Number One is still GREED.

But what frightens me most at this time is that GREED is going to aggravate the biggest problem that has been created by Covid-19. The number of deaths is a serious aspect of the virus , with 180,000 on 23/Apr, but this is NOT the most critical issue.

I have just listened to an audio file from South Africa which discusses the World Economy and the effects that Covid-19 is going to have on all countries in the world. This very serious wake-up call has made me realise that TheCode has become an essential REQUIREMENT for our survival.

TheCode enables us to evaluate decisions and actions at a level which is more than just about ourselves but about people and the planet. Whether we like it or not if we do not have a planet then no people can exist (well not the human race as we know it anyway ). If we do not have people, then countries cannot exist. If we do not have countries, then neither groups nor familiesĀ  canĀ  exist. And if families do not exist then there will be nobody who can take the blame for your or my existence !!

GREED reduces the likely hood of the survival of any other level of existence except SELF.

If we do not remove the obvious excess of greedy people, religions, political parties and countries and learn to live together very soon we will cease to exist as a species.

As soon as Covid-19 is reasonably under control, and this includes the USA which I believe is going to escalate over the next weeks, we are going to have to face up to the worst economic disaster this planet has ever faced. Covid-19 has exposed the very fragile state of the World Economy and the very structure of world economics will be forced to change.

These changes are going to be extremely painful to everyone on the planet and the effects on each and everyone of us is going to be very different but very certain and very life changing. Read Event 201 which is a war-game researched in OCTOBER, 2019. Like 9/11 (again?) they knew and have shown themselves to be unworthy.


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